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A ready-made multitimeframe trading system based on automatic plotting and tracking of Fibonacci levels for buying and selling any symbol.


  • Determines the trend direction based on a complex of 14 indicators (Cx), extremums of ZigZag (Z), RSI (R), Impulse (I)
  • Displaying the values of 14 indicators comprising the trend direction (Cx)
  • Plotting horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, channels
  • View the plotting option of Fibonacci levels on any timeframe, with the ability to scroll into the chart history. Not dependent on the working timeframe:
    • debt of flow - Market Maker's debt flow obtained when strong market deformations are activated
    • Best - by candles of the same candles up to the first candle of the opposite color
    • Standard - standard plot
    • RSI - the Relative Strength Index indicator
    • Impulse (AO) - Awesome Oscillator
    • Zig_Zag - the Zig_Zag indicator
  • System of alerts for all timeframes
    • On-screen
    • Email
    • Push notifications


  • Changing the color scheme
  • «Arrows». Move the menu to an arbitrary place.
  • «X». Remove the indicator from the chart.
  • "Trend direction". Calculate the trend direction on each timeframe. Used indicators: RSI, Stochastic, MACD, ADX, BearsPower, BullsPower, AO, WPR, MA - 5,10,20,50,100,200.

    • "Auto", "Manual" setting of the trend direction
    • "Timeframes M1, M5,..." - press the button to see the indicator values for the selected timeframe
    • "+" Show all timeframes.
    • "Value Trend direction". Values of indicators comprising the trend direction.
    • "ZigZag (Z) RSI (R) Impulse (I)" trend based on extremums of these indicators
  • "Support & Resistance".

    • "Horizontal line" plot horizontal levels (fractals and RSI)
    • "Trend line" plot trend lines (RSI)

      • "SUP" support
      • "RES" resistance
    • "Chanel" plot channels

      • "SUP" support
      • "RES" resistance
  • "Fibonacci levels"

    • "Timeframes M1, M5,..."
    • "+" Show all timeframes.
    • debt of flow, Best, Standard, RSI, Impulse, Zig_Zag - select the plotting option for Fibonacci levels
    • View the selected Fibonacci level in history:
      • |< first
      • < previous
      • > next
      • >| last
  • "Alert signal & Trading". Current trading signals
    • "Show your Fibo level" show the working Fibonacci levels with the custom level


  • Language (Russian, English, Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues)
  • Color scheme - color scheme (preset colors):
    • White background - for a white background
    • Black background - for a black background
    • Custom background - custom settings of all colors
  • FIBO Custom - level values separated by «,»
  • User Fibo level - custom Fibonacci level
  • Alert on/off - enable/disable alerts
  • Alert from Time Frame, Alert to Time Frame - timeframes for alerts
  • Minute repeat of Alerts - the number of minutes to repeat alerts
  • Number repeat of Alerts - the number of alert repetitions
  • Alert Fibo only - alerts only at Fibonacci retracement levels
  • E-Mail on/off - send alerts to E-Mail
  • Push on/off - send alerts via Push notifications
  • custom color settings:
    • BUY - color Fibonacci levels UP, BUY - color Rectangle, BUY - color text
    • SELL - color Fibonacci levels DOWN, SELL - color Rectangle, SELL - color text
    • Resistance line - color, Support line - color
    • Divergence line - color, color text in the button
  • Font settings
    • Font Name - font name
    • Font Size 8, 10, 12, 14 - font size

Trading system

  • Sell. Candle closes below level 100, stop loss exceeds 76.4, take profit minimum 161.8, take profit 1 (261.8), take profit 2 (423.6)
  • Buy. Candle closes above level 100, stop loss is below level 76.4, take profit minimum 161.8, take profit 1 (261.8), take profit 2 (423.6)
  • Buy/sell in a rectangle area limited by level 0-100. Trading is performed from one level to another (no trend).
  • Earlier market entry. Enter on the next calculation after a new Fibonacci calculation is formed, stop loss -23,6 (minus 23,6) or beyond a horizontal level
  • "Debt of flow" optionFiboPlusChart plots the Market Maker's "debt of flow" levels, the price is likely to return to these levels. Trade from level 100 to take profit 1 - 50, take profit 2 - 33. The second option is to place pending limit orders at levels 50% and 33% along the trend

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